Growing Kids with Good Character!

About Seedlings

Just as children must be taught to tie their shoes, read and write and solve maths problems, so they must be taught to develop qualities of character that are valued by the communities in which we live.

Knowledge and academic success is important. If, however, you are not able to communicate, you can’t work well with people, you can’t manage upsetting emotions and you will have more difficulties in life.

Bullying, substance abuse, self harm and suicide are all on the increase and now, more than ever, our children need assistance to build their self esteem, confidence and social/emotional intelligence.

Schools and parents can make an enormous impact on children’s lives by including social and emotional learning into everyday life and this is where The Seedlings Program comes in.

The Seedlings Program has resources and facilitators that make social/emotional learning easy, fun and interactive. All the strategies taught become skills that children will use throughout life and the best part about Seedlings is that new resources are being added all the time.

I wanted to write to you and let you know what a wonderful impact the Seedlings program and your teaching is having on our family. My son is really taking it all in and I wanted to share a little anecdote with you. Last night at dinner he explained to me that sometimes he feels like he has a volcano inside and when I asked him further about it he said that when this happens he counts to 10 and it goes away. The other was quite astonishing especially given that he is only 3.5 years old and has so far only had two Seedlings lessons.

He was super tired after a long week and he had a complete melt down at being told it was time for dinner despite multiple warnings. I suggested that he might need some time to calm down before dinner and directed him to another room inviting him back to the dinner table when he was ready. He took himself off and after about three minutes emerged from the other room to sit at the dinner table. He told me unprompted that he had closed his eyes and gone to his “happy place” and that he felt calm and ready to eat dinner and that he was sorry. I was totally blown away that this was self initiated.

Thank you for providing such wonderful tools and support to our family. Your work is making such an amazing difference.

Alicia ( mother of 3.5 year old)