Seedlings for Schools & Child Care Centres

Providing schools with the resources you need to run the program within your organisation


Your school can subscribe to The Seedlings School Subscription page for K- 4 teachers. Contact Di Wilcox for pricing. For this investment your school will receive the following


In these videos the founder of the Seedlings Program, Di Wilcox, presents a number of different social/emotional well being topics. These videos can be used for an unlimited number of times by your teachers in the classroom. Some videos also include art/craft activities that can be used to reinforce the messages in the videos.

If you would like the older children in your school to hear The Seedling messages these videos are great to create A Seedlings Buddy System. This is where older children are paired with younger children to watch the videos and do the activities. This provides a fantastic scaffolding for younger children and breaks down their fear of the “big kids” while teaching older children to be patient and empathetic.


In addition, schools will have access to a downloadable parent newsletter, once a month, that you can add to your outgoing school newsletter. This newsletter will give parents some of the language, tools and strategies that students are being taught in the classroom. At Seedlings we believe a common language between parents, teachers and students is imperative, which is why we provide resources for all three parties.


Seedlings E- Books cover a number of different Social/Emotional topics in fun and interactive stories for the children to read and listen to. Each book comes with a downloadable, teacher resource booklet in which teachers are given ideas for questions to ask the children, discussion topics and follow up activities to get the most out of each book.

View our sample ebook

New topics and books are being added over time and, as long as your school has subscribed, your teachers will have full access to them.

A scope and sequence is available for teachers to see recommended age and learning outcomes. Teachers are, however, encouraged to use the books with their own discretion to meet the needs of current issues children may be facing in their classroom.

( Hard copy versions of each book are available to those teachers who attend Professional Development with their local Seedlings Facilitator. If you do not have a local facilitator near you, please contact Di Wilcox to arrange Skype training with your staff. The book can be posted)

Seedlings in Your School

If you would like a licensed Seedlings Facilitator to come to your school and run a half hour assembly for your Year 1-3 and a half hour assembly for your Year 4-6’s, on a topic of the schools choice (see just some of the topics listed below), please contact Di Wilcox at or check out the local facilitators under the “contact us” tab.

You can choose to have them visit either once or twice a term. We find that the power of the “outside voice” is very influential in getting children to understand the messages taught.

Topics include;

  • Managing Friendships
  • Dealing with Bullying
  • We are all the same, but different
  • Overcoming worry and anxiety
  • Managing anger
  • Fair doesn’t always mean equal
  • Managing sadness

Seedlings and National Frameworks

Click on the below links to see how the Seedlings programs fulfils your national guidelines.

Register for Seedlings for Schools

Below is the sign up form for the Seedlings for Schools membership. If you are a registered family day care or home school, you may be entitled to a discount – click here for more.